California Photography Workshops


Keith Skelton, photo workshop instructor and photojournalist, is leading a one-day photo workshop to the 15th annual DIA DE LOS MUERTOS FESTIVAL (Day of the Dead) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on November 1, 2014.

Street photography is arguably one of the most challenging kinds of photography because of its documentary nature.  It can also be one of the most fun and rewarding because it allows for the creation of personal statements through the streets contrary nature. Practiced by such legendary photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, Robert Doisneau, Robert Frank, Burk Uzzle, and Elliott Erwitt, street photography is a form of candid photography that often defies and challenges the rules of composition and technique.

Street photography also requires getting close to people. Shooting photographs of strangers in public places takes some courage, fast reflexes, and basic camera gear. To do this type of shooting successfully you have to be part of the scene, not the usual distant observer. Good street photography is about telling a story in a single frame by skillfully anticipating actions and interactions. It is about seeing visual puns, irony, serendipity, and humorous incongruities in an often muddled world. Street photography is all about the ability to artfully capture singular and often solitary moments of life.

2013 Photo Gallery HERE

2012 Photo Gallery HERE

Instruction includes:

-Learning how to use a off/on camera flash in low light. We will be shooting in

both daylight and night.

-Learning how to transform everyday life situations into powerful images.

-Learning how to quicken reflexes and become more self-assured

photographing strangers in public locations.

-Learning how to approach and photograph a portrait of a stranger.

-Learning about anti-composition, shooting from the hip, in your face,

 and working a corner photography.

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Payments by check within three weeks advance of the workshop receive a

10% discount. Returning students receive a 10% discount.

The workshop fee does not include hotel accommodations, meals, entrance fees,

transportation costs, etc.

Enrollment limit: 12 students per session.

Contact for details.

Admission is $20.00. All the details are HERE

Tickets go on Sale Sept 1, 2014



-If you are interested in learning about OFF camera flash: -Bring a off camera battery powered flash that can be remotely fired from your camera. This can be done with a “sync” cable or a radio or infrared remote. I use a small remote that attached to the hot shoe of my camera and a receiver that attaches to the flash.

-Contact me with questions.

-Bring whatever cameras, iPhone, you are most comfortable using. It will be presumed you are familiar with the camera’s operation and functions.

-Please note that some people are intimidated by a photographer using a large DSLR with a telephoto lens. If you have a choice, opt for a smaller, less obtrusive camera. Most serious street photographers use some sort of compact camera such as the Fuji X100, X10, Sony RX100, Olympus Pen, Nikon V, etc.

-Any camera will work for this class, though.

-We will meet at 2:30pm on November 1. We will continue until approximately 9pm.

I will email you the exact details.

- Be prepared for a evening of walking. There is food and drink at the event. I will be sending out further details after registration.