California Photography Workshops




The mark of a great portrait photographer is when their subject reveals an essence not intended for the camera, but instead, pulls back the curtain on who they are, if only for a split second.

Come to the Salton Sea to learn professional lighting and posing techniques with Keith Skelton. Keith has photographed people on location commercially for the last 40 years.  SEE HERE

The Salton Sea is a perfect place to practice this with its run down buildings, decay and beautiful light. We will have many great backgrounds to choose from.

We will learn how to use pro strobes, your own off camera flash, modifiers, tungsten light, reflectors, scrims, stands, and the best use of natural light. We will go over portable flash techniques that you can use with your own current gear.  We will learn how to get the best from a model and how to take advantage of locations. You will learn about powerful one light techniques, balancing daylight to artificial light, key light, and fill light.  What are the best lenses to use? Do we shoot in black and white or color? How can we remotely fire our strobes?

We will have two professional models (male and female)  to work with as we will break up into two working groups. This is not a nude photo class. This is not a landscape class.

-DAY ONE: We will meet in Brawley CA at the Brawley Inn. That afternoon and evening will be class time in a meeting room. We will view and discuss examples and lighting techniques. We will also go over the equipment we will be using the next day.

-DAY TWO will be our shooting day. We will go with our models to various locations for hands on class time. We will also shoot portraits at dusk using artificial light. This will be a full day with breaks for meals.

-DAY THREE: After breakfast we will retreat to the meeting room to share our images and discuss what we photographed and how we can make improvements.

-WHATS INCLUDED: Included in your tuition are modeling fees, photo assistant(s) fees, and rental lighting equipment.

-WHAT TO BRING: A laptop to process you images, digital DSLR type cameras, a variety of lenses, tripods, off camera flash, and flash modifiers you might have, heavy shoes, small flashlight, snack food.

-WHERE: Brawley CA. The Salton Sea is about 150 miles from Los Angeles.

-WHEN: May 13-15, 2016

-ACCOMMODATIONS: The Brawley Inn. You are responsible for your own reservations.

This workshop is for people that have full knowledge how to operate their cameras. LIMITED TO 8 PEOPLE

Contact me with any questions.