California Photography Workshops


“Thank you very much for yet another perfect workshop. The planning, timing, guidance and selection of the sites were outstanding. And your magic touch with the weather helped a lot to make this event so successful.”  - Benny Hanigal - 2012 Oregon Photo Workshop - Grand Canyon Workshop - Monument Valley Workshop

“I have attended two of Keith’s well-planned photography workshops and I'm addicted. Keith’s approach to photography is sensitive, fun and creative.  Whether taking photos of strangers for his Los Angeles Street Photo Workshop or capturing the unpredictable landscape of the Eastern Sierras, Keith shares techniques that have been successful for him and we, as students, are able to benefit from his expertise. One of many valuable lessons I took away from his workshops is the ability to be in the moment but also anticipate the next great moment. I look forward to taking other workshops with him because as I said, I’m addicted. Thank you Keith for a fun and enriching experience!”  -Yon Na, LA Street Photography Workshop & Eastern Sierras Workshop


AUGUST 23-26, 2018