The Alabama Hills - December 7-10, 2023

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Enjoy a three day trip to the Sierra Nevada Range photographing and exploring one of the best landscapes in America.

Both the traditional landscape photographer and the fine art photographer will appreciate the many opportunities. Learn composition and the best use of natural light. 

Weather permitting we will also photograph the star lit landscapes of the Alabama Hills and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Learn how to make proper exposures and focus for the night skies. 

The eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Range is a great destination for photographers. Between the steep, eastern escarpment of the Sierra and the town of Lone Pine, are the Alabama Hills. Boulders the size of buildings lie scattered across the hills creating a highly textured foreground of smooth and rounded shapes with a dramatic view of the rising Sierra peaks above.

This workshop will be very informal and fun.

WHERE: The class will be headquartered at the Dow Villa Motel in Lone Pine CA. Reserve for three nights. Dec 10,11,12.   You will need to make your own reservations. or (800) 824-9317. There are other motels in town as well. Check the Lone Pine web site for information:


-A "fast" wide angle lenses within the 14mm-24mm range will serve you best. You will be surprised how large the sky really is! Ideally the lens should be f2.8 or faster. The lower the aperture is better as you will be able to let in more light with a faster lens. I use a 16mm f 2.8 and a 20mm f 1.8 lenses. Long lenses are excellent for compressing space. 

-A solid tripod and head that locks tightly to allow for long exposures.

-Laptop for processing images if you desire.

-Some sort of remote shutter release (non infrared type).

-Small flash light and head lamp.

There will be no serious hiking but sturdy shoes are recommended because of the rocky terrain. We walk no more than a mile at a time.

Note the altitude at Whitney Portal is 8,360’. Lone Pine is 3,727’.

Lone Pine CA is 200 miles or about 3 hours from Los Angeles. Its about 235 miles or 4 hours fro Las Vegas. 

COVID 19 protocol will be practiced. 



Alabama Hills December 2023


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