COVID-19 and Photo Workshops

With the health and safety of participants being of paramount importance, California Photography Workshops will not operate trips through the end of July 2021.  I am monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic news daily as it relates to our ability to travel once again.

It is required that all clients receive a COVID-19 vaccinations!

I am currently booking trips from January 2022 forward.

We will strive to offer common sense COVID-19 mitigation protocols for every trip we will operate in the foreseeable future. Every location will be somewhat different depending on local regulations and entry requirements. Anytime we choose to travel, we must acknowledge the risk of contact to disease—COVID-19 or otherwise.

Some of the general travel protocols we will implement:

- Proof of vaccination is required until further notice. 

- Until it is deemed safe by CDC or other official health organization to do otherwise, face masks will be required for all members of the group when indoors, in vehicles or when physical distancing of six feet or more between people is not possible. Fully vaccinated groups or those with negative test results may have varied requirements depending on location and situation.

- Guests will be asked to bring their own travel-sized hand sanitizer. I will have additional supplies.

-COVID-19 protocols will be discussed prior to the tour, how to implement them and steps to take should someone begin to show signs/symptoms while on the tour. Any additional protocol, other than in this notification, will be discussed as a group at the beginning of each tour.

-Meals in restaurants will be managed according to the protocols in place per local, state and/or federal (country) guidelines.  Each situation will require unique management and will be dealt with safely as possible. Participants may eat separately or in their rooms.

-Private vehicles will be preferred method of travel until further notice.

-Guests will be asked to refrain from handling photo equipment/gear that is not their own. 

These protocols will be modified as needed and more is learned about this disease, and its mitigation as vaccines are distributed.

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