Custom Workshops

Portfolio Consultation and Custom Workshops

What is a custom workshop?

We can arrange custom workshops for individuals and groups.

What is a custom workshop for yourself or a group?  It's whatever you would like it to be. We can tailor the areas you most need help with. Take advantage of my 35 years of professional photography experience.

Some example might include:

Working with natural light.

Learning to use your camera and flash Portrait work with groups or children.

Working in unusual locations.

Night Photography.

Street Photography.

Adobe Lightroom.

Time Lapse Photography.

Aerial Photography.


The benefit of a custom workshop is that they are very small or even one on one. You will get attention to your specific needs. You could also bring a group friends together for a particular trip.

The workshop will be held in a suitable location to the subject being photographed. They could be at your home, in nature, the city, wherever! If you don’t live in my area I can come to where you live.

Tuition will be determined based partially on the number of hours or days, travel expenses or difficulty of the class.

Please email

I also provide portfolio consultations on how to create and present a professional photography portfolio. I can also critique portfolios or individual photographs either as prints or digital. This can be done either locally (Los Angeles area) or be sent online. You may also send us a portfolio if you include all insurance and return postage.  Though we will handle your portfolio with care, we cannot be responsible for loss or damage during shipping. Usually Federal Express is the best option. This service is also available to college students at a reduced rate.

I have extensive experience in commercial and fine art photography, creating numerous portfolios and promotional materials. Please email me BEFORE sending us any materials.

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