Monument Valley - Canyon de Chelly - Shiprock NM

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Join Keith Skelton on a five night, six day workshop where you will photograph free standing sandstone rock forms that rise majestically 1,000 feet from the desert floor.

We will teach you how to tap into your creativity so that you return home with many memorable photographs. Daily discussions about pre-visualization, seeing color, composition, exposure and techniques. You will learn how to capture traditional and abstract landscapes.

This is a place to enjoy nature and culture on a grand scale.

Keith Skelton is a professional photographer and educator with over 35 years of experience. He has an extensive background in landscape photography techniques and aesthetics. You will get individualized instruction and one-on-one attention. You will be taught how to capture the best images possible on either film or digital.

All levels of experience are welcome! Limited to 9 students. 

Some of the places and things we may photograph include:

-Monument Valley Viewpoint.

-Monument Valley Floor Drive.

-The Valley of the Gods. Note that this is part of the designated Bears Ears National Monument.

-Mexican Hat Rock.

-Goosenecks State Park.

-Anasazi Ruins “House on Fire” or “Fallen Roof” (Depending on trail conditions) in the Grand Gulch Primitive Area. Most ruins are between 800-1200 years old. 

-Muley Point. 

-NEW! Canyon de Chelly jeep tour! We will shoot both from above the Canyon and below on a Navajo Jeep Tour designed for photographers. 

-NEW! Shiprock NM. 

We will meet in Mexican Hat Utah on Sunday, September 25th at The Hat Rock Inn. I have rooms reserved for each of you though you will pay at check in time. Each room is about $175 per night. (three nights).

On Wednesday, September 28th we will drive 115 miles to Chinle AZ and Canyon de Chelly. We will stay one night at The Thunderbird Lodge. This room is INCLUDED in your tuition

After our tour we will drive 85 miles to photograph Shiprock New Mexico. You will need to book your own room on September 29th in Farmington NM (33 miles away). I recommend the Comfort Suites Farmington, About $110. Or any place of your own choice.


I recommend flying to and from Durango CO. It is closest to both Mexican Hat and Shiprock.  DRO is served by American, United and Frontier. Durango is 150 miles to Mexican Hat. It is 52 miles from Farmington N.M.

The Hat Rock Inn is located in Mexican Hat, Utah, 22 miles North of Monument Valley on the North side of the San Juan River just off of Highway 163.

MEALS: The group usually eats together but it is not required. Many meals will be at The San Juan Inn just because it is close and there are not many other restaurants to choose from.

CARS: A high clearance  SUV is recommended but not required. We will take turns car pooling once we get to our destinations. First two sign ups can ride with me from Durango.


Former student discount price is $1195. We can arrange a spilt payment if needed. 

You are responsible for all travel, guides, meal costs and rooms (except one night at Canyon de Chelly is included).

The price for the Navajo guides to Canyon De Chelly is currently $125 per person based on 9 people. The price is dependent on how many people we have so it could be higher. 

You will either pay the guide companies upon arrival or California Photography Workshops directly. 


Scroll down for former student discount.


Any cameras you think you might use or need. This includes, film, digital, infrared, small compact, video, 4x5, etc. It is always good to have some sort of back up camera.

Lenses: You may or may not use them all, but it is better to be safe. I use a 16-24mm, 24-85mm, 70-200mm and 200-500mm.

Many people like polarizing filters or "grad" filters. Bring some sort of camera bag or camera back pack for carrying equipment, water, and snacks. A “normal” zoom (24-70) is a good choice for the canyon.

Accessories such as cable release, lens tissue, EXTRA batteries, battery chargers, camera manuals, film, EXTRA memory cards. You should have at least 120 GIG of memory. A STABLE tripod for long exposures and one you can hike with.

Sturdy shoes or light boots are recommended. 

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