Hey friends!

In an attempt to reinvent my business during the National Emergency I'm offering a number of On-line, Education Programs. These will be administered one on one from my home to yours.

This is a good time to do that  photo computer work!

Some are listed here. Let me know if you have other needs. 

-Image and Portfolio Review. Let me help you weed through your images so you can come to a select 15 or 20 top picks.

*$150 per hour.

-Lightroom Instruction via Skype. I can help you with any questions on the technical aspects of Lightroom to helping you edit your images. Sometimes a second eye can make all the difference. I can also help with Photoshop, using Photoshop in conjunction with Lightroom and third party apps. You'll need to download Skype and probably WeTransfer or Drop Box to me. 

*$150 per hour.

-Black and White processing. My forte! I can help you achieve the best BW images.

*$150 per hour.

-Printing Instruction. I can help you figure out the best settings, profiles and papers for your images. 

*$150 per hour.

-Scanning Instruction. There are different softwares that work well for your scanner. Let me help achieve the best results. 

*$150 per hour.

-Image Editing. I can edit your to make it look its best including retouching. Usually a photograph will need some editing before printing.

*$150 per hour.

-Custom print service. Send me your files and I can make custom prints up tp 17X22" on the finest papers available. 

*5x7" First $25, additional $20.

*8.5X11" First $35, additional $25.

*11X17" First $45, additional $35.

*13X19" First $60, additional $45.

*17X22" First $85, additional $60.

-Scanning services. Send me you old photos and I can create a high resolution image for you. Prices start at $25.00 per print or film. Bulk orders can be quoted. 

All shipping is additional.

Contact me at Keith@keithskelton.com 


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