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"Some of my greatest memories are on these trips and I am SO GRATEFUL! You bring the best people together...and Finding the random creepy chair in the middle of nowhere is just a BONUS!"- Heather Hutchins

"In every group there is a person I connected with through you! Love your workshops!" Jean Timken

"I have attended several of Keith's workshops and I've also used Keith's services on multiple occasions to help me better understand how to use processing software and to test new equipment.. Keith is an excellent teacher in all matters related to photography.  He is always well prepared, knowledgeable, patient and understanding.  In his workshops, Keith has always scouted the best locations and knows the best times to shoot at every location selected.  What I like most about Keith is that he never talks down to anyone, he understands each participant's photographic strengths and weaknesses and always strives to bring out the best work from everyone.  He has a wonderful sense of humor which comes through in his teaching.  It makes his workshops special. " -Larry Goldman

"Keith Douglas Skelton is not only an amazing photographer but an incredible teacher as well. In 2014, I took my first workshop with Keith and I quickly realized that his skill and professionalism would make me want to participate in many more of his workshops. Keith is incredibly talented and his images are technically superb. In his workshops, he puts his students at ease and takes whatever time that is needed to coach and instruct so that each student soon learns how to "see" and compose a good photograph. His sense of humor and lighthearted nature completes the package. My skills as a photographer have improved tremendously because of Keith. Thankfully, he will continue to influence my photography."  -Becky Waters

"I've taken part in Keith Skelton's Monument Valley and Nevada Ghost Towns workshops, and will definitely go back for more.  Keith is a very experienced and highly skilled photographer, but his great strength as a teacher is that he doesn't take himself too seriously.  The atmosphere in his workshops is part tutorial and part road-trip, which makes it fun as well as educational. I'd describe his teaching style as collaborative: he's always ready to offer helpful advice, but he's not overbearing about it.  In fact, he will sometimes ask students what they think of the shot he's lining up.  One of the best photo instructors I've had." -John Kupersmith

"Does it really take Keith any effort to make it work? I think every workshop I have been on with Keith, even when the conditions didn't seem ideal for photos, Keith made it work for the group capturing great photos. A few years ago I went on another workshop from a camera store, and when the conditions weren't right the leader didn't even bother going out. He thought the bar was a better place to be than with the group. There's no better fearless leader for a photo workshop than Keith no matter what the conditions are!" -Larry Harris

“The Alabama Hills workshop was an excellent and well-organized workshop. Thank you very much for yet another perfect workshop. The planning, timing, guidance and selection of the sites were outstanding. And your magic touch with the weather helped a lot to make this event so successful.afternoon with shooting assignments, after which we were all ready for the setting sun.  They knew exactly where to take us, and when, to capture the best light for that time of day.   The number of participants also insured that Keith spent time with everyone, suggesting, critiquing, and teaching.”  - Vahe Peroomian

'I have attended many California Photo Workshops with Keith Skelton.   Not only have they been great fun, but my photographic skills have improved with each one.  The group size provides a great opportunity for one-on-one interaction with a highly skilled & experienced photographers.  It's a great way to meet some really nice people & explore some wonderful places." -Jacki Nowalk

"There are two things that make Keith's workshops special for me: - He attracts mostly congenial people. The people in the group are fun. I have long time friends I met at one of Keith's workshops. - Keith knows those special places and times for stunning photographs, not postcard shots, but ones that will cause your friends to ooh and ah when you get home. And for me, I've gone back to those places time and again. It's a lifetime gain. Want to have fun and take great photographs? Sign up!"  -Jim Keener

"I have attended two of Keith’s well-planned photography workshops and I'm addicted. Keith’s approach to photography is sensitive, fun and creative.  Whether taking photos of strangers for his Los Angeles Street Photo Workshop or capturing the unpredictable landscape of the Eastern Sierras, Keith shares techniques that have been successful for him and we, as students, are able to benefit from his expertise. One of many valuable lessons I took away from his workshops is the ability to be in the moment but also anticipate the next great moment. I look forward to taking other workshops with him because as I said, I’m addicted. Thank you Keith for a fun and enriching experience!”  -Yon Na

“It was a great workshop and I am very pleased with my images. Mono Lake, Bodie Ghost Town and Yosemite are incredibly beautiful and you really managed to give us significant opportunities to step off the beaten path. I especially appreciated that you were so familiar with the area that you were able to easily substitute planned activities with equally excellent alternatives when weather got in the way - and your sense of humor always kept us on our toes. I've already gotten great results with several new techniques that I learned in your workshop! Thanks, Keith for a great photography workshop!”  -Grace Cohen

“Thank you very much for yet another perfect workshop. The planning, timing, guidance and selection of the sites were outstanding. And your magic touch with the weather helped a lot to make this event so successful.”  - Benny Hanigal

"Nice day for BW photography in Joshua Tree NP. And many thanks to Keith Skelton for showing me the power of black and white photography." - Hal Fedora

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